+ PHILOSOPHY of Wa + Sabi +

It is that pungent and tangy taste, you would all have experienced before.

The word “WASABI” holds two Japanese words;
“WA 和”= of Japan, Japanese, harmony, or peace
“SABI 寂び”= represented by the word “Wabi Sabi”, it is the aesthetic view or way of thinking unique to Japan from ancient times. 
It is in our eyes to see through and finding value in even the smallest things no matter how small or insignificant they may be,
and in our mind to identify their true meaning and understanding their internal beauty. 

Such “WA 和“ + “SABI 寂び” are scattered everywhere in our daily lives; in our cuisine, tools, customs, the Japanese language… so much everywhere.

Come and find the “WA 和“ + “SABI 寂び” and add that little something to spice up your life!

Wa + Sabi

A little something to spice up your life


Kaori Yamaguchi is a Director of Japanese cooking & tradition experience and the founder of Wa + Sabi.
Being brought up in an international environment since childhood, with her days at Nishimachi International School (Tokyo/Japan) giving her the strongest influence on her values, it was only natural for her to discover her passion for Japanese culture and tradition, to go back to studying the history of Japan in a university in Kyoto.

+Of what she believes = the beauty and significance in the Japanese tradition and culture
+Of what she loves = cooking healthy dishes with Japanese ingredients and making Japanese homemade preserved food
+Of what she’s studied = the Japanese history, culture, and tradition
All that put together evolved into her long-time mission; to share the beauty and significance of Japan through its food culture and cooking.
Ever since, Kaori has been offering Japanese food and cooking workshops to expats and visitors to Japan, while always exploring other approaches to execute her mission.

+Born and raised in Tokyo, JAPAN

+Attended Nishimachi International School and Saint Maur International School

+After graduating from Sophia University, worked as an account executive and a TV commercial producer at an advertising agency

+After leaving the agency, became obsessed with creating things by hand; carpentry, pottery-making, weaving, felt-making, etc etc with cooking and making homemade food/preserves being by far the strongest

+Discovered passion for Japanese culture and tradition, to go back to studying at Kyoto University of Art and Design (Dept. of Japanese Historical Heritage)

+Started offering cooking workshops to non-Japanese residents and visitors in Japan, while always exploring different approaches to execute the mission of ”sharing the beauty and significance of Japan through its food culture and cooking”.

+Currently a mother of a Grade 9 daughter and a Grade 5 son attending an international school in Yokohama

+LIKES (actually LOVES):
COOKING!!!!! / a creative life/ the Japanese culture, anything to do with our tradition!/ organic food & living/ eating and drinking/ veggie growing/ making things from scratch/ homemade food/ craft work, pottery-making, carpentry, knitting, engraving, drawing, etc/ photography/ sharing the table (and wine!) with family and friends!

mass produce/ artificial things/ things that prioritize only convenience…what else?? Oh yes…fruit…not a big fan….!



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