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Wa +Sabi is a “real life” guidebook to life in Japan, our cooking, tradition, and culture.
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Wa + Sabi

A little something to spice up your life



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+ WELCOME TO Wa + Sabi +

My long-time mission, to share the beauty and significance of our country through our food and cooking, is now about to take another step forward; 

+Of what I believe = the beauty and significance in our tradition and culture
+Of what I love = healthy and natural cooking; mainly with Japanese food ingredients
+Of what I studied = the Japanese culture and tradition

All that put together turned out to be my own unique Japanese cooking website; 
Wa + Sabi

I’m so very excited this has finally come together as a wonderful opportunity, and am looking forward to sharing some fun, treasurable thoughts, values, and creations here with you.
Hope this will help to make your stay in Japan an even more memorable experience for you!

October 2021

Founder of Wa + Sabi
Director of Japanese Food & Tradition Experience


Let us hear your thoughts!
Or if there is anything in particular you want to know about, let us know and we may be able to help you understand.  What may be a mystery to you can be someone else’s too!

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